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Will you lose weight after you quit drinking? Changes in the body of regular drinkers after they quit drinking

In modern society, drinking seems to have become a communication skill. Many occasions require drinking. When talking about business, many contracts seem to be signed on the wine table. Even college students who have just come out for an interview will be asked by the interviewer whether they will drink or whether they can drink well. Drinking now seems to be really important, but drinking is very important More harmful, long-term drinking will lead to gastric ulcer, gastric perforation and liver cirrhosis and other problems, and it is also very bad for the body's organs. Therefore, it is better not to drink or not to drink. It is better to abstain from drinking, which is a good way for the body.

If you stop drinking suddenly after a long period of drinking, in fact, your body will have some reactions, that is, you will gradually become thinner. Maybe many people don't find this phenomenon. Most people think that it is natural to lose weight, so they won't find it strange. In fact, it's all due to abstinence. Today we're going to talk about why you lose weight after you quit drinking?

Alcohol can also be said to be a kind of drink, but it is different from other drinks in that the caloric value of alcohol is higher. Alcohol is known as "streaky meat" in drinks. Many people have beer belly. That's why, after abstinence from alcohol, it will turn better and the stomach will be taken back. We all know that the heat of steak is very high. Comparing alcohol with steak, the calorie of alcohol is not much lower than that of steak. The calorie of a bottle of beer is the same as that of a whole steak. Moreover, those who blow in the nightclub at night will have more and more fat on their bodies and become fatter and fatter. The heat is slowly accumulating in the abdomen It forms a beer belly, protruding out a large piece, which is not good at all.

In fact, most people drink alcohol at night. They drink one cup after another at the dinner table. However, the metabolism at night is very slow. They can't digest the food in time. They have been piling up in the stomach, causing a great burden on the stomach and intestines. Moreover, the fat can't be consumed, so it is gradually distributed in all parts of the body. In addition to the fat of the food eaten at night, the body The fat content will be higher, so people will be fatter and fatter. After abstinence, the body's fat content will gradually decrease, and people will become thinner.

Alcohol is bound to pass through the liver. If you drink a lot of alcohol, it will lead to a lot of fat accumulation in the liver, resulting in high blood fat and fatty liver, and indirectly causing body obesity. Therefore, abstinence from alcohol can not only reduce weight, but also prevent the occurrence of many diseases, which is beneficial to health.

For people who often drink alcohol, what changes have taken place in their bodies after "abstinence"?

1. Blood pressure will be more normal, tend to be stable: alcohol intake will have a certain impact on blood pressure, especially for those whose blood pressure itself is not very stable, often drink a lot of alcohol, after entering the body, it is easy to stimulate blood vessels, which will reduce the speed of blood flow, so that blood pressure will fluctuate in a large range. Do not drink to stabilize blood pressure has a very obvious advantage, alcohol does not stimulate blood vessels, for blood vessels will have a good protection.

2. Recovery of good appetite, recovery of normal gastrointestinal motility: alcohol for gastrointestinal mucosal damage is relatively large, often drinking will make your digestive system suffer damage. It is particularly easy to make us feel uncomfortable. Drinking too much alcohol will lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea and other problems. If we drink too much alcohol on an empty stomach, we will increase the burden of our intestines and stomach, and the injury will be more severe.

If you drink for a long time, if you stop drinking, it can help to restore the normal capacity of the stomach and stomach, and help to restore your appetite.

3. Reduce the burden on the liver and increase the health coefficient of the liver: after the alcohol enters the body, it must be metabolized through the liver. Excessive alcohol intake will undoubtedly increase the burden on the liver. Over time, it will even increase the incidence of alcoholic liver disease, liver cirrhosis and other diseases. If you can insist on not drinking alcohol, the liver will carry out proper self-healing and protect the liver. Abstinence is one of the most important things.

4. Reduce blood lipid, promote cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health: drinking will increase blood lipid, alcohol will bring a greater threat to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, increase the risk of cerebral hemorrhage and other diseases. After abstinence from alcohol, it is also a kind of "liberation" to the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular stimulation.

What kind of attitude should be guaranteed for drinking?

First of all, for drinking, it is best not to drink; if it is necessary to drink because of some special reasons, it must be limited; men should not drink more than one bottle of beer a day, and women should not drink more than 3 liang of red wine with 10 degrees. Secondly, before drinking, you must eat something. No matter what you eat, coarse cereals, soup, yogurt, porridge, vegetables and so on are very good choices. Finally, please choose lower alcohol to reduce the burden of body and alcohol intake. Stop drinking and restore a healthy body.

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