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Will blood donation affect the body? The matters needing attention before and after blood donation

Blood donation is no stranger to many people. Nowadays, many college students will donate blood. There are different opinions on whether blood donation is harmful to the society. But the truth is not what you think. So is blood donation harmful to the body?

Most of the blood in human body is circulating blood volume, which will circulate rapidly in the whole cardiovascular system, and a small part is stored blood volume, which generally stays in the lung, liver, abdominal vein, subcutaneous venous plexus, etc. When a person is exercising or bleeding heavily, this part of the stored blood will be mobilized to replenish the circulating blood volume. In general, the circulating blood volume of normal adults accounts for about 7-8% of the body weight. Taking an adult weighing 60 kg as an example, its blood volume is about 4200-4800 ml. therefore, the amount of blood donated at a time will not have a great impact on the body.

Before donating blood, people should pay attention to several aspects

1. Don't eat too much at dinner the day before blood donation. Eat less meat, fish, eggs, milk, bean products and greasy food. Don't drink a lot of water to avoid diluting blood and affecting blood quality.

2. Blood donation before the night to maintain good sleep, it is best to take a bath, change into clean underwear, especially the two elbows to wash clean. Before going to bed, you can also read some blood donation publicity materials to relieve and reduce the ideological burden.

3. When donating blood, don't be on an empty stomach. You can eat some light food in advance, such as porridge, steamed bread and bread. You can supplement water appropriately to avoid dizziness, palpitation, sweating and other adverse reactions in the process of blood donation.

4. Don't drink too much water before blood donation.

5. Do not take any medicine within one week before blood donation.

Can blood donation cause anemia

can't. Because blood donation is only a small amount of blood reduction, will soon return to normal, does not affect the human blood regeneration function. Anemia is a disease, for people with anemia in the blood donation examination, will be checked out, such people can not participate in blood donation.

Will blood donation hurt people's vitality

can't. The total blood volume of a healthy person is about 8% of the body weight, and the total blood volume of an adult is about 4000-5000 ml. At ordinary times, 80% of the blood circulates in the heart and blood vessels to maintain normal physiological function; the other 20% of the blood is stored in the liver, spleen and other organs, once blood loss or strenuous exercise, these blood will enter the blood circulation system. A person donates 200-400 ml blood at a time, which only accounts for 5% - 10% of the total blood volume. The stored blood will be replenished immediately after blood donation, and the circulating blood volume will not be reduced.

The water and inorganic materials lost after blood donation will be replenished in 1-2 hours; plasma protein, synthesized by the liver, can be replenished in one or two days; platelets, autologous cells and red blood cells will soon return to their original levels. The human body's blood is constantly metabolizing. Many blood cells are aging and dying at every moment. At the same time, a large number of new cells are generated to maintain the balance of human metabolism. After blood donation, due to the enhancement of hematopoietic function, the lost blood cells are quickly replenished. Therefore, a healthy person who donates blood according to the regulations will not have any influence on the body, and will not "damage the vitality", but will be beneficial to health.

Precautions after blood donation:

1. Do not lift heavy objects on the blood donating arm. Keep the infusion stick pasted on the needle eye for at least 6 hours to keep the needle eye clean.

2. Do not drink alcohol 24 hours after blood donation, and drink more water within 4 hours.

3. 2 to 3 days, try not to do strenuous exercise, heavy physical labor and aerial work, to avoid trauma.

4. After blood donation, keep enough sleep that night and work and do as usual the next day.

5. After blood donation, eat more lean meat, eggs, bean products, fresh fruits and vegetables and other food, can promote the faster recovery of blood components, avoid overeating. In addition, tannic acid in tea is easy to combine with protein and iron in blood, which affects the regeneration of blood cells of blood donors. Friends who have the habit of drinking tea should not drink tea within one month after blood donation.

6. If there is a small amount of subcutaneous congestion at the needle eye of your arm, please immediately apply appropriate cold compress and hot compress after 48 hours of blood donation to promote absorption.

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