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What is the reason that often insomnia? Methods to create a good sleep environment

Insomnia refers to the difficulty of falling asleep, easy to wake up, etc., often insomnia will lead to the decline of memory and attention. Can affect person's normal seriously, so often insomnia how to do?

What are the causes of insomnia

1. Multiple sclerosis

Although fatigue is a feature of multiple sclerosis, people usually can't sleep for at least half an hour. Take medicine often, so you can finally forget insomnia. High risk areas are people aged 20 to 50.

2. Pressure

Research shows that stress can lead to insomnia. Thomas Ross and his colleagues note that stress plays an important role in sleep, just as patients cope.

Insomnia can be chronic when a person is constantly stressed.

3. Energy drinks

In recent years, the consumption of energy drinks is increasing. A four-year study conducted by University experts assessed the positive and negative effects of energy drinks per person. Participants noticed that they had more strength and endurance, but had insomnia and tension.

The adverse reactions related to caffeine content are related to the stimulation of central nervous system.

4. Asthma

Studies have found that asthma patients often suffer from insomnia. 37% of the subjects had dyspnea and sleep disorders due to muscle spasm. Insomniacs have poor control over their own destiny, and they show depression and other anxiety symptoms, which are signs of health deterioration.

Scientists point out that asthma is important in reducing the risk of insomnia.

5. Stroke

Studies have shown that people with stroke have difficulty sleeping, which in turn affects their overall recovery and quality of life. Scientists believe that insomnia is a problem faced by stroke patients, due to a variety of factors, such as large psychological burden, pain and discomfort, as well as reduced physical activity level.

The importance of sleep during recovery from a stroke should not be underestimated as sleep helps to enhance and maintain physical and mental health.

6. Alcohol

In one study, 4970 adults participated. Subjects reported the number of days they drank "four or more drinks" each time in the past three months. These people's responses were used to calculate the average number of days a week of drinking. Participants also reported sleep difficulties and sleep problems.

The results showed that people who drank 2 days or more a week were prone to insomnia.

7. Poor sleep environment

External environmental factors affect the internal environment, resulting in internal environment disorder, and then disturb the normal law of sleep. Many people usually sleep well and can't sleep when they change their beds. This is caused by environmental factors. The change of seasons is also the change of environment. People who sleep well adjust naturally with the evolution of the season. People who sleep poorly are more difficult to adjust, so they are prone to poor sleep quality and insomnia.

How to create a good sleep environment?

1. Communicate with your family

In the sleep environment, first of all, we should communicate and understand fully with our family members. We need to have a unified consensus. Even if we can't sleep together, we should try our best to avoid noise.

2. Pack up the next day in advance

Already lying in bed, I still want to think about the West. So, it's better to get up and pack up the things you need the next day before you go to bed, so that your relaxed heart will fall asleep more easily.

3. Turn off your cell phone

The sleep quality of modern people is not high, which is closely related to the use of electronic equipment. So, before going to bed, it's better to read a few pages of your favorite books or listen to your favorite music, so please let go of your tired eyes.

4. Do a good job of cleaning before going to bed

Don't underestimate the work of washing your face and brushing your teeth before going to bed. In this way, you will feel what happiness is when you lie in bed when you are relaxed.

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