Tinnitus often can be treated in this way at home, suffering from tinnitus can eat what kind of nutrients

If tinnitus patients go to the hospital for examination, only a small number of people can find organic lesions, most patients with tinnitus can not find the cause, so doctors can not prescribe medicine. So how can we get rid of this annoying tinnitus?

In fact, the treatment of tinnitus needs to pay attention to the three points in front of the ear - auricular point, auditory palace point, auditory acupoint. Three acupoints can be stimulated at the same time. The trick is simply to point the food to one side, open your mouth, find the longitudinal depression in front of the ear, and then rub the longitudinal depression back and forth. This method is very simple, can be carried out anytime and anywhere, can play the role of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis through veins, which is very beneficial to relieve tinnitus.

Treatment of tinnitus

1. Press the ear

Sit down, rub your palms 50 times, and press again when your side ears are hot. This 6 times, continuous 2 ~ 3 days, treatment should be calm, in order to be effective.

2. Hold your breath

Sit still, clench your teeth, hold your nostrils with two fingers, open your eyes angrily, and let the air enter your ears until you feel the sound. Do it several times a day for 2-3 days.

3. Bite your teeth

Bite when your ears are numb. Right tinnitus, bite left tooth; left tinnitus, bite right tooth; tinnitus in both ears, bite two teeth.

4. Singing the sky drum

Every morning and before going to bed, after rubbing the two palms on both sides' auricles, press the fingers and close them on the top of the head or pillow, fold the middle finger of the index finger, and then hit the pillow or head with the slide of the index finger. In order to hear the drum sound very well, 20-40 times each time.

5. Push and rub the root

Put your index finger in front of your ear and your thumb behind your ear. Push back to feel hot ears, face, head will also have a hot feeling.

Suffering from tinnitus, what kind of nutrients do you eat

Antioxidants protect ears from damage

Tinnitus is sometimes caused by a decrease in the ability of blood supply to the ear. Whether the arterioles entering the inner ear are blocked by cholesterol, or the huge noise makes the arteries spasmodic and reduce the blood supply to the inner ear, sudden interruption of blood supply will lead to hearing problems.

This is also the role of antioxidant nutrients (including vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene and other nutrients). Antioxidants help to relax arteries and prevent plaque formation.

Vitamin A - helps improve hearing

Studies have found that low levels of vitamin A in the blood can cause hearing loss. In some studies, 24% - 74% of tinnitus patients take vitamin A supplements and reflect that tinnitus symptoms are at least partially relieved. Experts recommend that patients take beta carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the body.

Magnesium protects delicate ears

Animal experiments showed that the animals lacking magnesium in vivo suffered more serious damage to the nerve cells in the cochlea after being exposed to noise than animals fed with food rich in magnesium. The low magnesium content and noise pollution will exhaust the energy stored in the cells, leading to the failure, damage and final death of inner ear cells.

Vitamin B12 -- protect ear nerve

Vitamin B12 deficiency can increase the level of homocysteine in the blood, and cause a variety of nervous system dysfunction, including memory loss, slow response, loss of touch or pain, and, of course, hearing loss caused by tinnitus and noise.

Zinc -- maintaining normal cochlear function

Zinc deficiency may be one of the causes of inner ear diseases including tinnitus. In order to maintain the normal function of the cochlea, zinc is indispensable. Animals fed on foods with low zinc content have a great hearing loss.

Moreover, it is very obvious that mild zinc deficiency is common in the elderly, which can also aggravate the tendency of hearing loss caused by noise or aging.

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