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Ten bad habits that destroy the immune system, how to enhance human immunity in daily life

The body is a fragile organism, which needs the protective cover of immunity. It can help the human body to resist the invasion of external viruses and the attack of adverse weather on the human body. Therefore, enhancing immunity is the top priority of the human body. If you have immunity, you will have health and have the capital to resist with the outside world.

Adhere to four good habits to enhance human immunity

1. Adjust diet structure

Diet is a way for us to gain energy from the outside world and resist the external evil spirits. Of course, if the diet is not regular, the evil spirits will flow into the body, disturb the balance of the body, and make the virus have the opportunity to attack the defense line in the body. Therefore, in the diet, try to eat nutritious food that can clean up toxins in the body and enhance the body's immunity. It's better to follow the method of eating well at breakfast, full at lunch and less at dinner. Only by eating regularly can we ensure that our energy and nutrition supply will not go wrong.

2. Exercise

Exercise, is often said an old saying, whether young or old, should exercise in the first place, even if the physical quality is very strong, for a long time without exercise will also get a lot of diseases, and the modern rhythm is very fast, a little not pay attention to their own body, health will leave us, exercise, the best aerobic exercise, let oxygen full By the human body, enhance our blood oxygen content, exercise, regular exercise can let life have a good cycle, can improve our work ability, let us become happy, live a good day.

3. Ensure work and rest rules

It's too luxurious for modern people to have a good work and rest rule. No matter whether we have a job or not, mobile phones will never leave our sight. We have jobs, play computers, and play mobile phones when we are at leisure. Our eyes are always working and never stop. Therefore, it is very important to have a good work and rest rule for our health. There are many electronic products, great pressure on life and long working hours, But no matter what kind of pressure the outside world gives us, we should have a good rest time, in order to better work and study, and better protect our body.

4. Supplement the body with vitamins

Vitamins for the human body, although only a small amount, but it is very important, and human movement is inseparable from vitamins, daily vegetables and fruits, contains a large number of vitamins, vitamins to enhance human immunity, is still very effective, you can also buy some vitamin drugs, also have great benefits to the human body.

Ten bad habits that destroy the immune system

1. Lack of singing in life. Singing helps to improve one's immunity. Experts from Frankfurt University in Germany examined the blood samples of the singers before and after rehearsal. The results showed that after the rehearsal, the concentration of immunoglobulin A and anti stress hormone hydrocortisone in the immune system of these singers increased significantly.

2. Abuse of antibiotics. Abuse of antibiotics may destroy the innate immunity of the gut, which is also the cause of antibiotic resistant bacterial infection. Researchers at the Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute in New York, led by Eric Palmer, found that this is a complication caused by the widespread use of antibiotics, which will cause more harm to the health of patients.

3. The social circle is small. Research has found that the smaller a person's social circle, the more likely he is to get sick. Among adults aged 18-55, those with at least six friends were four times more resistant to colds than those with fewer friends. Experts suggest that it is a new way to keep in touch with friends and send short messages to friends when they are busy.

4. Lack of sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to decreased immunity, reducing the number of "killer cells" that fight the bacteria. The University of Chicago study found that people who slept only four hours a night had a 50% reduction in the body's antibodies against influenza compared with those who slept 7.5-8.5 hours a night.

5. Suppress emotions. A University of California, Los Angeles study found that a constructive discussion between couples about marriage can help improve blood pressure, heart rate, white blood cell count and immunity. Experts suggest that the problem should not be kept in mind.

6. Don't like drinking water. Adequate drinking water can keep respiratory tract mucosa moist, which makes it difficult for cold virus to propagate rapidly and enhance immunity. It is suggested that drinking 40 ml water per kilogram of body weight should be taken as the daily drinking amount, and children should drink more water.

7. Take the car instead of walking. The study found that people who took a car instead of walking, who didn't like exercise, took twice as much sick leave in four months as those who walked fast. Experts suggest that aerobic exercise such as 30 minutes of brisk walking every day can help improve white blood cell count and immune system function.

8. Passive smoking. Passive smoking is as harmful to general health as smoking and reduces immunity. According to statistics, about 3000 Americans die of lung cancer every year because of inhaling secondhand smoke.

9. Lack of sense of humor. A study at lomarenda University School of Medicine found that watching funny videos for an hour significantly improved immunity. Because laughter helps to reduce stress hormones, increase or activate some immune cells and improve immunity.

10. Husband and wife are indifferent. Skin touch is the lubricant between husband and wife. In contact with the body, the body temperature rises slightly, the heart rate slightly accelerates, and the body also releases many sensor elements, which can inhibit depression and enhance the body's immune function.

Improve human immunity through daily diet

1. Drink more yogurt: adhere to a balanced diet, if people have alcohol, mental stress or unbalanced diet and other situations, people's disease resistance will be weakened. To correct this imbalance, we must rely on bacteria, which are contained in yogurt. When buying, we must pay attention to the production date of yogurt. If the production date is a little fuzzy, it means that it has been changed and should be paid attention to.

2. Drink plenty of boiled water: remember, it's plain water! This can keep the mucous membrane in the nose and mouth moist; drink more water can also make people feel fresh and full of vitality. Studies have proved that boiled water has a very ideal physiological activity on human metabolism. Water is easily absorbed by the body through the cell membrane, which enhances the activity of lactate dehydrogenase in human organs, thus effectively improving the disease resistance and immunity of human body. Especially the first cup of cold boiled water in the morning is particularly important.

3. Eat more seafood: seafood is rich in iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, copper, etc., often eat can promote immune function.

4. Drink tea regularly: scientists have found that tea contains a chemical called theanine. Because it can mobilize the body's immune cells to resist bacteria, fungi and viruses, it can make the body's ability to resist infection increased by more than five times. Drink black wolfberry (huiran) every day to make water, tea or eat directly.

5. Drink red wine: most alcoholic drinks can inhibit the body's immune system, but red wine, on the contrary, contains some antioxidants that are good for enhancing immune function and protecting the heart.

6. Eat some animal liver: animal liver contains folic acid, selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, as well as vitamin B6, B12, etc., these substances help to promote immune function.

7. Appropriate supplement of iron: iron can enhance immunity; but excessive intake of iron is harmful to the body, and can not exceed 45 mg per day.

8. Supplement arginine: sea cucumber, eel, loach, cuttlefish and yam, black sesame, ginkgo, bean curd skin, frozen tofu, sunflower seed, hazelnut are rich in this substance, and eating more can help enhance immunity.

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