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Syncope occurs from time to time in high temperature weather

Syncope occurs from time to time in hot and hot weather. What emergency measures should be taken in case of syncope? What kinds of syncope should be paid more attention to? Syncope in medicine refers to the brain does not have enough blood supply, resulting in a temporary loss of consciousness. It is characterized by rapid occurrence and rapid recovery. However, due to the uncertainty of the time and place of syncope and the acute onset, the potential risk should not be underestimated.

There are seven common causes of syncope

Vasovagal syncope: it refers to the stimulation of certain specific trigger factors, resulting in systemic vasodilation and bradycardia, resulting in blood pressure drop, cerebral ischemia leading to syncope. When the mood is under considerable pressure, extreme fatigue, panic, or in a crowded environment, it is easy to occur. In addition, it is related to some specific situations, such as urination, gastrointestinal tract stimulation, cough, and spraying Sneeze, etc.

Carotid sinus sensitivity: this type of syncope is often caused by the neck being squeezed and stimulated before the attack. It often occurs when the male shaves and shaves his beard, such as wearing hard collar, high collar and other band collar clothing, or the person who fastens the collar is also at this risk.

Postural hypotension: in the process of changing posture from lying, squatting, sitting to standing, the blood pressure cannot be adjusted and improved in time, which affects the blood supply of the brain.

Hypoglycemia: often occurs in office workers who don't eat breakfast, and patients with a history of hunger, diarrhea and diabetes.

Heatstroke: after long-term exposure to high heat and humidity, the thermoregulation center cannot transfer the excess heat from the body through sweating and skin heat dissipation, which will induce syncope.

Serious arrhythmia: for example, the heart rate is too fast or too slow, the rhythm is irregular, and some elderly people with cardiovascular diseases. This kind of syncope is usually dangerous. If it is serious, it may be life-threatening. It is the main cause of sudden death.

Brain diseases: the most common diseases are caused by hypertension and atherosclerosis, including syncope caused by brain-derived diseases such as transient ischemic attack, stroke and severe migraine.

In case of sudden syncope, what emergency treatment can we take before the arrival of 120 ambulance? First of all, it is necessary to observe whether the patient's breathing is stable and whether the airway is unobstructed. The neck can be padded up, and the mandible can be held up to make the head tilt back, and the patient's head should be tilted to one side at the same time. For patients with syncope and fall, it is necessary to check whether there is trauma, to take hemostasis measures for bleeding, and to monitor the pulse and blood pressure of patients. If syncope patients recover consciousness, it is not appropriate to stand up immediately, should be placed in situ rest and add appropriate water; for patients who lose consciousness for a long time, should be decisively sent to a doctor for treatment.

Nine ways to prevent heatstroke

Get enough sleep to nourish your spirit

At noon in summer, when the sun is on the head and the heat is scorching, people are easy to be tired and sleepy. Not only should we have a good sleep and rest at night, but also a proper afternoon nap can not only avoid the high temperature, but also can nourish the spirit and relax the brain and body systems. It is not only conducive to work and study, but also a good measure to prevent heatstroke.

Drinking water properly to replenish water

In hot summer, no matter the amount of exercise, you should supplement water in time; never wait for thirst to drink, because thirst means that the body has been short of water.

Replenish salt and minerals

For workers exposed to the hot sun, due to the large amount of sweat, salt and minerals can be supplemented by drinking salt boiled water or sports drinks containing trace elements such as potassium and magnesium. Don't drink frozen drinks in order to keep cool for a while, so as not to cause stomach spasm; alcoholic drinks and high sugar drinks will make the human body lose more water and should not be drunk at high temperature.

Healthy diet enhances nutrition

In summer, in order to prevent heatstroke, we should also pay attention to diet, eat more light food, less high-fat and high-fat food, and reduce the body's caloric intake. The nutritional diet in summer should be high calorie, high protein, high vitamin A, B1, B2 and C. Can eat tomato soup, mung bean soup, soybean milk, sour plum soup and so on.

Suitable for wearing light and light color

For summer clothes, you should choose light, loose and light colored clothes (such as white, gray, etc.) and wear a wide brim hat, sunglasses or sunshade umbrella. If possible, you can apply UVA / UVB sunscreen with SPF 15 or above. If your clothes are wet by sweat, you should take them off as soon as possible and change them into clean clothes, so as to prevent the salt in the sweat from affecting the air permeability of the clothes after air drying.

Carry heatstroke prevention medicine in outdoor activities

According to statistics, walking in the hot sun from 10:00 to 16:00 in summer is 10 times more likely than usual. Therefore, travel in summer should avoid the time around noon, outdoor activities should be carried out in the shade as far as possible, and carry heatstroke prevention drugs, such as Rendan, cooling oil, etc. If the symptoms of heatstroke appear, you can take sunstroke medicine to relieve the disease.

Moderate cooling in indoor summer

High temperature and heat, to stay at home as far as possible to avoid going out, at home through air conditioning, electric fan to cool. If the temperature is above 35 ℃, the electric fan can't help to adjust the heat balance of human body, it can be cooled by taking a cold bath or turning on the air conditioner.

Pay attention to temperature control when driving

If driving in high temperature, you should pay attention to the temperature in the car. Do not turn on the air conditioner for the sake of fuel saving. Do not leave children and pets in the car when leaving the parking lot.

Heat prevention and cooling for special population

In the hot summer season, for the elderly, pregnant women, people with chronic diseases, especially the high-risk groups with cardiovascular diseases, we should not only reduce going out as much as possible, but also pay special attention to them. We must control the appropriate room temperature indoors, take anti heat drinks, and observe whether there are signs of heatstroke in time.

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