Paronychia is actually made by themselves, paronychia prevention has become the key

Speaking of paronychia in daily life, many people have had it. The paronychia here is actually the pathological changes of nails. As the saying goes, ten fingers linked heart, got paronychia or very painful, so how is paronychia caused, got paronychia should how to prevent it? Next, I'll give you a detailed introduction. Let's have a look.

Why can you get paronychia?

Paronychia this kind of finger problem is more common, generally speaking, the nail groove and the nearby skin tissue are injured, there are small breaks, and then infected by bacteria, so paronychia.

Most of the paronychia is self-made

1. The nail clippers are too short

How to usually cut too much nails on how to suffer from paronychia. Without the restriction of nails, the skin folds on both sides will grow to the middle. When the nails grow back again, they find that the territory is occupied by people, so they can only grow into the flesh (inlay), resulting in a small wound.

2. Pull out the barb

Finger long barbed, pull barb pull bad words, easy to suffer from paronychia. Although the skin with barbed spines is dry and dead keratinocytes, the root is still connected with living skin. In addition, the skin has a high toughness, and violent pulling often causes partial skin tears, forming small cracks.

3. Gnawing fingers

Gnawing finger also easy to suffer from paronychia. Constantly gnawing fingernails and fingers, so that the nail groove is easy to appear near the wound.

4. The shoes are too tight

If the shoes are too tight, you can easily get paronychia. Wear too tight shoes, the toes will be squeezed together, fingernails will inevitably squeeze out of the wound. The emergence of wounds, bacteria can take the opportunity to enter, eventually leading to paronychia.

5. Infection

Bacterial and fungal infections can cause the incidence of perionychia. Acute paronychia is usually caused by Staphylococcus aureus infection; chronic and subacute paronychia are mostly caused by Candida albicans infection.

Suffering from paronychia, the pain is unbearable, or very painful. Paronychia at the beginning of the symptoms of pain, to the back of the slow spread, suppuration, and may need to remove the nail. The process is very painful, how to prevent in life has become the key.

How to prevent paronychia?

If you want to prevent paronychia, you should get rid of the habit of gnawing fingers and pulling barbed needles. If there are barbs on your fingers, cut them off with a nail clipper. Don't pull them. Try to avoid skin damage around the nails.

To prevent paronychia, we must disinfect it in time. If there is a small wound on the finger, timely application of 2% iodine can reduce the risk of infection. In addition, avoid direct contact with dirty water.

For paronychia, don't cut your nails too short. When trimming nails, pay attention to the length is not too short, both sides of the "angle" do not cut in, file into obtuse angle is good.

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