First Aid

One needle, one glass of water, two pills, can save lives at critical moments

A glass of water, a needle, two aspirin, can immediately kill two kinds of disease: one is myocardial infarction; the other is stroke. These three things can deal with these two kinds of fatal diseases.

Two aspirin

Why put two aspirin on the bedside table?

An important summary about myocardial infarction: not all myocardial infarction will have chest pain first, usually there are other symptoms, then the left upper limb pain. Nausea and a lot of sweating are not common symptoms. Severe chest pain is enough to wake people from deep sleep, but some people may not feel chest pain when myocardial infarction begins to attack. 60% of people do not wake up when heart attack occurs in sleep.

If any of these conditions occur, immediately take two aspirin in your mouth and let it melt, then swallow it with a little water. Then immediately contact the emergency center, ambulance and tell them that you have taken two aspirin. Sitting on a chair or sofa waiting for ambulance help

A needle

A needle, a few drops of blood, can save a person!

Stroke is a kind of disease that is easy to break out in modern middle-aged and elderly people, that is, cerebral vascular blockage or cerebral vascular rupture (which can cause people to die when they are serious) do you know how to treat it?

With a stroke, the microvessels in the brain will rupture, and the patient will suddenly have a pain in his head and his body will lose his balance and fall to the ground. In this case, do not panic, no matter where the patient is, whether it is the bathroom, bedroom or living room or office, as well as in the street, never move him. Because, if moved, it will accelerate the rupture of microvessels. Therefore, we should first hold the patient up and sit firmly in situ. If the patient has been unable to sit stably, he should lean on your arms to prevent falling down again.

Then began to ask: what's the matter with you? How do you feel? If the other party's speech is not clear, or the mouth is slanting, drooling, and other symptoms, you should immediately carry out two steps, one, call for help, 120 to the faster the better! 2、 Look for the needle quickly. In case of emergency, burn the needle with a lighter (for disinfection - if there is no fire, disinfect it with saliva). If there is a sterilized needle, it is better! If you can't find a needle, you have to use your teeth to save people. There's no way!

Prick or bite the patient's ten fingertips (a point above the center of the finger belly) to let the blood flow a few drops, and squeeze out a few drops without bleeding! Ten fingers must do this! Then there is the ear. We must use some strength to pull the patient's ear and slide it from the upper ear to the lower ear lobe. After several times, use a needle to prick two needles on the earlobe and let it bleed a few drops of blood. After a few minutes, maybe the patient will wake up naturally before the 120 car arrives. It only takes a few minutes for the mouth to return to its original state. If the patient is sent to the hospital when everything returns to normal and there is no abnormal feeling, he will surely be able to turn the crisis into safety. Otherwise, if he is rushed to the ambulance for medical treatment, he may not have arrived at the hospital after the limping vibration all the way, and his brain microvascular has almost been ruptured.

This simple and feasible method, will not bring the risk of life to patients, had a stroke, modern medicine is also said that the earlier the treatment, the better the effect! Although the bloodletting method is popular among the people, it is rarely used for real rescue! It's very profound to think about it carefully! First of all, ten fingers linked heart, body parts of the acupoints complete, bleeding, reduce the pressure of blood! Stimulate the acupoints, relieve the spasm of blood vessels, and stimulate the concentration of life aura. Even if you faint, you'll wake up!

On the contrary, most stroke patients are sent to the hospital for treatment, and their blood vessels burst rapidly along the way, so that most patients are unable to afford any illness. Therefore, stroke ranks second on the list of causes of death, and the luckiest of them can only keep their old life and become disabled for life. What a terrible disease it is. If everyone can remember this method and rescue it immediately, it can bring the dead back to life in a short time, and ensure that it is 100% effective. This first-aid method, I hope adults learn it carefully, husband and wife communicate with each other, they can't use it, maybe others will use it!

A glass of water

If you are a person with a bad heart, you can get into the habit of having a glass of water before going to bed, which can prevent diseases that easily happen in the morning, such as angina pectoris and myocardial infarction. Myocardial infarction and other diseases are caused by high blood viscosity.

When a person sleeps soundly, because perspiration, the moisture in the body is lost, resulting in the reduction of water in the blood, and the blood viscosity will become very high. But drinking a glass of water before bedtime can reduce the blood viscosity and the risk of heart attack.

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