More and more people are suffering from stress loss. The daily trick of preventing hair loss in winter is more and more

In winter, everywhere is a withered yellow, the leaves began to fall. It's the same thing that leaves fall in winter. Now more and more people are losing their hair and losing their hair. On the one hand, the environmental pollution that people live in is more and more serious, on the other hand, the pressure they are facing in the work is increasing. These are the important reasons for hair loss. Some time ago, the entertainment industry broke out that many stars were bald, and some young actors lost their hair badly, especially some male actors. What are the causes of hair loss? How can we prevent baldness in winter? Let's talk about it.

Causes of hair loss:

1. Genetic factors

There are a lot of genetic factors for hair loss. If your parents and grandparents are baldness or baldness, it is easy to have Alopecia in their own body. Even this phenomenon will appear earlier. Many people may begin to lose their hair in their 30s, and they may have baldness in their 40s.

2. Increased pressure leads to hair loss

Modern people are faced with increasing pressure, which may come from the pursuit of career and work competition, but also from family pressure. Children's education problems will become pressure. Therefore, people are almost surrounded by pressure, and the increase of pressure will consume the body's influencing factors, especially protein, and our hair is protein, so, when we are in the body, we should pay more attention to it When the body protein is not enough, the hair will be sacrificed and the supply of hair protein will be reduced. Therefore, serious hair loss will occur. In fact, this is also a sub-health condition. If you do not correct or reduce the pressure, you will develop baldness.

3. Regular perm

Now people are pursuing beauty, perm and dye a lot of hair, but some of the chemical agents of hair dyeing and perm will have certain toxicity, will harm our hair, so, people who often dye and perm hair are more likely to lose their hair.

4. Patients with major disease, wrong disease and chemotherapy

Some patients with more serious chronic diseases, the nutritional status of the whole body is poor, so, it will also show a large number of hair loss, some patients receiving chemotherapy, because the role of drugs will lead to hair loss.

How to prevent baldness in winter:

1. Wash your hair frequently to reduce the secretion of scalp oil

It's cold in winter. Many people may not wash their hair in time. It's not right. You should wash your hair three to four times a week at least. Every time you wash your hair thoroughly.

2. Choose shampoos and conditioner with reliable quality

Now there are a lot of shampoo products on the market, and the good and the bad are intermingled. It is recommended to choose the products with good quality. If it is pure natural hair washing products, it is better to reduce the stimulation to the scalp and the damage to the hair, and reduce the hair loss.

3. After washing your hair, you should take good care of it. Don't pull your hair hard

After washing their hair, many people like to use the comb to comb their hair hard. As a result, a lot of hair has fallen off. Therefore, after washing the hair, hair conditioner can be used to reduce the pulling of hair.

4. Massage the scalp

Adhere to morning and evening, massage scalp, this can promote blood circulation, increase the absorption of nutrients, can maintain our hair.

What does alopecia eat to the body good?

1. Should drink more raw water or rich in iron food, lean meat, egg protein, spinach, cabbage, celery, fruit and so on are the best treatment food. For people with hair loss or baldness, the scalp has hardened, and the above food helps to soften the scalp.

2. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits with alkaline substances. One of the factors of hair loss and hair yellowing is that there are acid toxins in the blood. The reason is that physical and mental fatigue, long-term overeating of pure sugar and fat food, so that the body metabolism process produces acid toxins.

3. Iodinated substance. The luster of hair is related to the function of thyroid gland. Iodine supplement can enhance the secretory function of thyroid gland, which is beneficial to hair bodybuilding. Can eat kelp, laver, oyster and other food.

4. Supplement vitamin E. Vitamin E can resist hair aging, promote cell division and make hair grow. Can eat more fresh lettuce, cabbage, black sesame and so on.

What food does hair loss best not eat?

1. Tobacco, wine and spicy food, such as onion, garlic, leek, ginger, pepper, pepper, cinnamon and so on.

2. Avoid greasy, dry hot food (fat meat, fried food).

3. Avoid sugar and fat rich food, such as liver, meat, onion and other acidic food

4. Liver, meat, onions and other food acidic substances easy to cause blood acid toxin too much, so eat less.

Ten tips for preventing hair loss

1. There is no need to use nylon comb and hair brush, because nylon comb and brush are easy to generate static electricity, which will bring bad stimulation to hair and scalp. The best choice is to use boxwood comb and bristle brush, which can not only remove dandruff, increase hair luster, but also massage scalp and promote blood circulation.

2. Wash your hair frequently. The interval between shampooing and shampooing should be 2-5 days. When washing your hair, you should rub and massage at the same time, which can not only keep the scalp clean, but also activate the scalp blood circulation.

3. Do not use strong degreasing or alkaline shampoo, this kind of shampoo degreasing and dehydration are very strong, easy to dry the hair, scalp necrosis, should choose to scalp and hair non irritating acid natural shampoo, or according to their own hair quality.

4. Quit smoking, smoking will make scalp capillary contraction, thereby affecting the growth and development of hair.

5. Drink alcohol sparingly. Liquor, especially hot liquor, will make scalp produce heat and moisture, causing hair loss. Even beer, wine should be appropriate, and liver should be allowed to "rest" for at least two days a week.

6. The deeper the depression is, the faster the speed of hair loss will be. For women, if their life is busy and they keep proper amount of exercise, their hair will be shiny black and full of vitality. On the contrary, the more tense life is, the busier the work is, the higher the chance of hair loss will be Smoking, walking, doing relaxation exercises, etc., can eliminate the mental fatigue of the day.

7. Perm hair blowing should be careful, the heat temperature blown by the hair dryer reaches 100 degrees, which will damage the hair tissue and damage the scalp. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid total blowing, and the number of perms should not be too much. The effect of perm liquid on the hair is also large. If the number of times is more, the hair will be damaged.

8. Eat more vegetables to prevent constipation, we should insist on eating more grains and fruits all the year round. If the intake of vegetables is reduced, it is easy to cause constipation and "dirty the blood", affect the quality of hair, get hemorrhoids, and accelerate the hair loss at the top of the head.

9. Air conditioning should be appropriate, the warm and humid air and cold air of air conditioning can be the cause of hair loss and white hair. Too dry air or too high humidity is not conducive to the protection of hair.

10. Pay attention to the ventilation of hats and helmets. The hair is not resistant to muggy heat. People wearing helmets will make their hair airtight for a long time, which is easy to suffocate and damage the hair. Especially, the pores at the hairline are easy to relax and cause hair loss. Therefore, the ventilation of hats and helmets should be done well, such as padding hollow cap lining or adding holes.

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