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How should eat fishbone to be stuck?

At home card fish bone should how to deal with emergency is correct? We can press the front part of the tongue with a spoon or toothbrush handle, and look at the root of the tongue, tonsils, and posterior pharyngeal wall in bright light. Fish bone is the most easily thorn in the tonsil, can be seen by opening the mouth, can be taken out with tweezers. If stuck in the root of the tongue, epiglottis cartilage around, they often not easy to see, then should go to the hospital for help. Do not use "earthwork" for treatment.

Do not use "Earth" to treat fish bone at home

Generally, the fishbone is stuck on the superficial surface and can be removed under the indirect laryngoscope. However, after the fish bone is stuck in the throat, the patient rarely goes to the hospital to take it out immediately. Instead, it will pass some "earthwork", such as choking rice, drinking vinegar or coughing up hard. The most common is choking rice. Although some people get rid of the fishbone sticking through these ways, they are not advocated from the medical point of view, which will be self defeating. Because of tough swallowing, if the foreign body is sharper, it may scratch the surrounding mucosa, lead to red or even abscess.

When the fish bone is stuck in the throat, if it is swallowed blindly by the earth method, it may make the fish more and more stabbed and the mucous membrane will be easily infected. When the throat is stuck by fishbone and other objects, the first thing to stabilize the mood, as soon as possible to the hospital by specialist examination, so as not to aggravate physical injury.

The use of these "Earth" will cause endless troubles

Swallowing rice balls or vegetable balls: very dangerous. Our throat and esophagus are soft. Pressing sharp fish bones with rice balls or vegetable balls, just like nailing nails, will push the fish bones deeper and deeper into the mucous membrane. At the same time, it may push the fish bone into the throat and esophagus, which makes it more difficult to remove the fish bone. Even, it may puncture blood vessels or mucous membranes, causing damage.

Coughing hard: it doesn't help. The fishbone is small and the stress area is small, so it is difficult to cough up the fish bone by the impact airflow of cough.

Gouge throat: it is easy to dig the mucous membrane and damage the throat. Moreover, when the fish bone is deep, it is not easy to discharge with vomit.

Vinegar: vinegar only stays in the throat for a few seconds and then goes into the stomach. Vinegar in the throat "in a hurry", to soften the fishbone has little effect.

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