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Grape cleaning tips, washed grapes clean delicious

Summer is the season to eat grapes, the most common fruit in summer, in addition to watermelon may be grapes, grapes are also very delicious, and its nutritional value will be higher. However, when eating grapes, there are also some people who feel more troublesome, because to peel the grape skin, if you do not peel the grape skin, directly eat with the skin, will feel very unclean, may be associated with some dirty things also eat into the stomach, and do not peel grapes will have a astringent taste.

Some people may say that grapes can be soaked directly in water for a few hours, so they can eat grapes with skin. In fact, water can't clean grapes. It's just a kind of psychological comfort. It's just that people think that since they have been soaked for so long, they should be clean. This psychological implication makes people think that grapes are clean, In fact, grape skin still has a lot of dirty things attached to it. Let's introduce some tips for cleaning grapes. After learning to eat grapes with skin, you should not be afraid of them. The grapes washed out are clean and delicious. Even the skin can be eaten together.

Grape washing method 1

The first step is to use scissors to cut off the grape with fruit stalk before cleaning. The fruit stalk should not be too long or too large. It may scratch other grapes when cleaning. Some friends like to tear grapes from the branches one by one, so that each grape has a big hole, which is not right. Because if you don't take the fruit stem to tear directly, the dirty water will easily enter the flesh from the grape notch when cleaning, leading to the deterioration of the pulp. At the same time of cutting the grapes, the rotten or deteriorated grapes should be removed. The process should be careful, and the action should not be too strong, so as to avoid damaging the grape skin and polluting the pulp during cleaning.

The second step, cut the grape fruit gently into the basin, first with clean water will be attached to the surface of the grape grain dirt and impurities washed. Then put a teaspoon of salt and two teaspoons of flour into the container containing grapes, add appropriate amount of water, and stir gently clockwise by hand for one or two minutes.

The third step is to pour out the dirty water, and then clean it with clean water until there is no frost and impurity on the grape skin, and then take the grape out of the water and put it in a container with holes to control the water.

Step 4, if you want to make the grapes without a trace of water stains, introduce a little trick to you. Spread a clean towel on a flat plate, pour the grapes into the flat plate, drag the bottom of the plate, gently shake, the grape particles roll evenly, and the towel can absorb the water on the peel.

After these four steps, each grape becomes clean and refreshing, and friends who like to eat grapes can enjoy it. Grape contains a variety of nutrients, which can effectively whiten the skin and resist aging, so eating more grapes is good for your health.

Grape washing method 2

First of all, be sure to take scissors and cut them at the junction between the stalk and the grape.

When cutting, the scissors should be close to the grape as much as possible. Don't leave too long stem on the grape, so as to avoid cutting other grapes when cleaning. This step must not be ignored.

After all the grapes have been cut off, we'll start washing again.

1. First, rinse off the impurities attached to the grape surface with water.

2. Then put the grapes into the container, add a small spoon of salt, two spoons of flour.

3. Add water, stir gently by hand, stir the grapes in circles, and let stand for 1.2 minutes.

4. Take out and rinse with clean water, and then take out the water to dry.

Grape washing method 3

1. Grapes will be picked one by one into the water basin, keep the grapes intact, do not break the skin, add some water to improve the height of the grapes.

2. Sprinkle some flour into the water.

3. Stir gently in the water with the palm of your hand.

4. Pour out the dirty water on the surface and rinse it with water several times until it is clear.

Warm tip: This is because flour is a very good natural absorbent, which can "suck" the dirt and grease attached to the surface of vegetables and fruits.

Grape washing method 4

1. Squeeze a section of toothpaste in the clear water in the basin (equivalent to the amount we use for brushing teeth, melt the toothpaste in the water), put the grapes in the water, and slowly turn the grapes.

2. Then put it in another basin of water and wash it.

Grape washing method 5

1. Use the lid of a pan and put a clean towel on it.

2. Pour the wet grapes into it, about one layer at a time, and roll.

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