First Aid

Golden 4 minutes of cardiopulmonary first aid

In case of accidental injury in children, the first 4 minutes of CPR after cardiac arrest is the most important. If we miss the "golden period" of CPR rescue in the first four minutes, we may fall down with lifelong sequelae.

30% of parents are not clear about the accidental injury

Although unintentional injuries have become the leading cause of death among children aged 0 to 14, and 52% of them still occur in families, a survey of 1000 parents with children aged 0 to 6 found that before receiving training, 33% of parents did not know what accidental injuries were; only 50% of parents believed that accidental injuries were the first cause of death of children aged 0 to 14; and 40% of parents thought that accidental injuries were the first cause of death of children aged 0 to 14 There was no clear understanding of the threat of chemicals in empty beverage bottles to their children; only 62% of parents believed that their children could not be left alone at home.

Chen Minyi, vice president of Xinhua School of clinical medicine of Jiaotong University, told reporters: "if children's home safety, outdoor safety, traffic safety, medication safety, common accidental injuries and other emergency measures" are carried out in kindergartens, nurseries, schools and parents, to enhance the awareness of safety and prevention, such accidents can be completely prevented Avoid it. "

"Sequelae" caused by improper first aid methods

A 5-year-old boy put a plastic bag on his head and suffocated because he couldn't take it out for a while, and a 3-year-old girl suddenly exploded while playing with a balloon, and the broken balloon rubber flew into the entrance and suffocated. In addition to jelly, when eating litchi, the shell of litchi suddenly choked into the trachea, which almost led to suffocation.

Scald, fracture and asphyxia were the three most common injuries in children. Li Biru, an associate professor of children's Medical Center, told reporters: "clinically, many parents are often caught off guard after a dangerous situation happens to their children. They are nervous and panic for a moment, and miss the best first time for emergency treatment. However, they do not know the correct treatment methods, such as: vomiting after poisoning, cold compress after scald, etc., which may cause children to have lifelong regret or sequelae. "

Statistics from the children's Medical Center show that the proportion of children's accidental injury cases in the total number of emergency cases has increased from 10% five years ago to 14%. Especially in the last year and a half, in nearly 6000 cases of accidental injury, scald cases reached more than 1800 person times, such as "jelly homicide" and so on.

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