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Face young people will be honest to do things, 40 year old civil air aging can try

Aging is a stage that everyone has to face. When aging comes, there will always be some obvious symptoms in the body. What is the performance of aging? How to keep a positive attitude to face aging?

Signs of aging

First performance: wrinkles

Wrinkles, should be the most obvious symptoms of aging. When people get old, the fat under the skin will be reduced, and the skin tissue will shrink, which makes it difficult for the skin to be propped up and wrinkles appear.

The second performance: hair loss

Hair loss is also an obvious manifestation of aging. If you find that your hair loss is more serious, or there are more white bursts, it may indicate that the body's function is beginning to age.

The third performance: decreased sensitivity of perception

Sensory perception refers to vision, hearing, taste, touch and so on. If these senses decline or even fail, it is also a manifestation of aging.

Fourth performance: constipation

Human body appears aging, the first aging organ is the intestinal tract. Aging of the intestines and stomach will slow down the peristalsis of the intestines. As people get older, many people find that they are more and more prone to constipation.

The fifth performance: insomnia

Many people say that as you get older, you get less sleep. This sentence is not without reason, the body appeared aging, people also often appear insomnia and dreamy situation.

Aging is a natural phenomenon. Instead of worrying about its arrival all day long, it is better to face up to the changes of the body and master the methods of "dealing with" aging at the same time

Keep a good mental state

One person appears the expression of aging, the whole person's spirit will also be affected, so that the aging situation will become more serious. Although people's appearance has become old, they still need to keep their minds young. For example, they need to keep their ideals, hopes and enterprising. If they are young, the whole person seems to be much younger.

Try to understand death

Birth, aging and death are natural laws. When a person appears to be aging, it will be closer and closer to death. It's better for the aged to understand death well, not to avoid it because of fear. Death is inevitable. The most important thing is to seize the time to enjoy it.

More calcium, more exercise

When people get old, their legs will naturally become bad. Once people become old, the loss of calcium is more, the bones become fragile, this time should be more calcium, in addition to more sun, simple physical exercise, good exercise of their own body.

Learn to ask for help

When a person is aging, it is inevitable that someone needs help. But some people who are old can't tell others their difficulties. Because they don't rely on others for what they can do, but in fact, it is not an embarrassing thing for the old man to seek help from others, but it is easy to rely on himself for anything. It is easy to happen accidents.

Mineral water instead of boiled water

Many people say that mineral water is rich in minerals, so they will no longer drink plain water and replace it with mineral water. However, mineral water will also be polluted by harmful substances in the land. Recently, Dutch scientists analyzed bottled mineral water and found that mineral water is more vulnerable to dangerous microorganisms and bacteria. Although these bacteria may not pose a great threat to the health of healthy people, the bacteria in bottled mineral water can be quite dangerous for those with weak immunity.

Meat instead of fish

It is the habit of most Han people to eat only pork and eat little or no fish. Although there is little difference in protein content and absorptivity between the two, the composition of fat is quite different. Fish fat contains more certain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which play a beneficial role in the development of children's brain and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. However, meat, especially beef and mutton, is mainly saturated with fatty acids, and excessive intake is not conducive to health.

Tonics instead of nutrients

Many people in the doctor's advice to strengthen the point of nutrition, but often to take a variety of tonic. However, experts point out that tonics can not replace nutrients. Amino acid is a common tonic, but if it is not difficult to eat, it is not necessary to use it. Blind infusion of amino acids can not only cause allergic reactions, but also lead to liver coma and uremia in patients with poor renal function. Many people think that vitamin drugs are good for the body, and it is no harm to eat more. In fact, if you take vitamin A and D pills for a long time, you can have vitamin A poisoning, such as bone pain, vomiting, pruritus, hair loss, etc. Therefore, to strengthen nutrition, we should start with regulating diet and never abuse nutriment.

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