Early symptoms of tuberculosis, do 9 points to reduce the risk of infection

People's attention to tuberculosis: is tuberculosis contagious? How to avoid being infected with tuberculosis patients? What symptom expression does tuberculosis have? How to do after infection tuberculosis?

Is tuberculosis contagious

Of course, tuberculosis can infect, but we need not be too careful, because tuberculosis is not easy to infect. Healthy people with no skin or mucous membrane wounds are less likely to be infected by tuberculosis patients or things they have used.

The main sources of direct infection of tuberculosis are not only sputum from tuberculosis patients, but also stool of intestinal tuberculosis patients, urine of renal tuberculosis patients, and pus of lymph node tuberculosis and bone tuberculosis.

Early symptoms of tuberculosis

Many people think that they have been vaccinated with BCG vaccine, so they don't have to worry about being infected. This is a cognitive misunderstanding, because BCG is not immune for life, but can control and reduce severe tuberculosis.

Active pulmonary tuberculosis patients will have a long time of cough, expectoration, and even blood filaments in the sputum, lasting for more than 2 weeks without improvement, which is significantly different from cough and expectoration caused by cold. In addition, there are fever, night sweats, weight loss, dyspnea, chest pain, fatigue and other symptoms.

If there are such patients around, we must go to the TB prevention and treatment institution as soon as possible for examination and treatment. We can use skin test, tuberculosis bacteria from sputum, blood test - tuberculosis antibody, or tuberculosis T-SPOT test, chest X-ray or chest CT examination to confirm whether it is positive.

1. Not all tuberculosis are infectious. Only tuberculosis can be transmitted in the air through tuberculosis, including cough, sneezing, droplets when talking. If tuberculosis patients do not actively wear masks, it is recommended not to have close contact.

2. Tuberculosis is easy to spread in densely populated areas, such as schools, cinemas and shopping malls. There are mainly the elderly, students, children, special groups and so on. Among them, the elderly over 65 years old are relatively high incidence. It is suggested that this part of the population should not stay for a long time in places with poor air circulation and dense flow of people, and regular physical examination should be carried out. Infants should not share the same room with tuberculosis patients.

3. Tuberculosis bacteria are afraid of ultraviolet rays and high temperatures above 80-85 degrees, but it is possible to kill them if the high temperature is maintained for more than 3 hours. If there are tuberculosis patients at home, it is recommended to use separate food system, and the tableware, quilt, washbasin and other articles used by the patients should be often boiled and disinfected or exposed to the sun.

4. Improve their immunity, enhance their resistance to pathogens, reduce the chance of being defeated by TB. If you encounter tuberculosis patients do not know their illness, or deliberately conceal the situation of the disease, even if you can not do the first three moves will not be too passive.

5. We should pay attention to the spitting of tuberculosis patients: there will be a certain number of tuberculosis bacilli in the sputum of patients, and tuberculosis is the main culprit of tuberculosis infection, but there is no way to avoid spitting. The best way is to spit on a napkin and burn it at high temperature, so as to completely kill the tuberculosis bacillus.

6. Separate tableware: the tableware used by tuberculosis patients must be separated from the tableware used by normal people. Do not produce public chopsticks or bowls. Put the food that tuberculosis patients want to eat alone in a bowl. Wash the dishes with water of about 40 degrees.

7. Let tuberculosis patients sleep alone in a room: tuberculosis patients are best to sleep in a room alone, but also to maintain good ventilation in the room. We all know that tuberculosis is transmitted through the air. If you live in a closed room with TB patients, it is easy to be infected with bacteria and induce tuberculosis. In addition, it is best to let TB patients take disposable masks outdoors to avoid infecting passers-by.

8. Injection of tuberculosis vaccine: vaccination is very effective if there are weak people or children at home. After vaccination, the human body has an immune effect on Mycobacterium tuberculosis, unless the infection is very serious.

9. Consult doctor: tuberculosis patients at home need to go to the hospital for regular treatment immediately, because the delay of the disease has a certain threat to life.

Tuberculosis is a relatively serious respiratory infectious disease, and the country is also vigorously preventing the spread of tuberculosis through the media and paper. If you unfortunately found that your family has tuberculosis, you don't have to be too flustered. Do the above 9 points to reduce the risk of infection of infectious diseases, and let patients receive regular hospital treatment. I believe that they can return to normal in the near future.

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