Dry eyes should pay attention to eye hygiene, relieve dry eyes, recommended 4 kinds of flower tea

Many people have dry eyes because they have been watching computers or playing games and mobile phones for a long time. How can we effectively solve the problem of dry and tired eyes caused by long-term excessive use of eyes?

1. Drink more tea

Tea is rich in carotene, you can usually drink oolong tea, Tieguanyin or green tea. These kinds of tea into the human body can be converted into vitamin A, vitamin A has a health effect on the human body, especially long-term computer friends should drink more of these tea. These teas can reduce radiation damage to the eyes and prevent dry eyes.

2. Do more eye exercises

Usually should develop the habit of doing more eye exercises, after the usual work, it is best to do eye exercises, so as to ease the fatigue of the eyes. When the eyes feel dry and astringent, in addition to eye drops, immediately carry out eye exercises can also relieve symptoms.

3. Pay attention to eye hygiene

First of all, pay attention to eye hygiene, do not rub your eyes with your hands. Because there are a lot of bacteria on the hands, it is easy to cause eye infections.

4. Avoid looking at computers and mobile phones for a long time

You should avoid looking at the computer and mobile phone screen for a long time. It's better to blink or look at the distance for a while when you work for a while.

5. Eat more fresh vegetables

If you are a computer work friend, it is recommended to eat more fresh vegetables and supplement vitamin A, C and E for the body. Because vitamin A can prevent dry eyes, vision decline; vitamin C can effectively inhibit cell oxidation; and vitamin E can reduce cholesterol, clear the body of garbage, prevent cataract.

6. Apply tea to your eyes

Soak the towel in hot tea for a while, then wring it out. Apply the warm towel with tea on the eyes for 10-15 minutes, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue, but pay attention not to let the tea flow into the eyes.

7. Eat more of this kind of fruit

Now people usually work on computers or mobile phones. Long term exposure to radiation can easily lead to dry eyes. If not timely conditioning, it is easy to cause more serious eye diseases. Usually eat this kind of fruit, can prevent dry eye disease. Eat pitaya, banana and cherry fruit: the vitamins in these fruits are the highest, and bananas are also rich in carotene, which can let the cells retain water, which is very helpful for the relief of dry eyes. And banana can also help the body to discharge excess salt, so that the body function to achieve balance.

8. Rinse eyes with warm water

When you feel dry eyes, you can use warm water to wash the eyes, which has a certain relief effect for eye problems, can immediately alleviate symptoms. But it should be noted that the water must be clean, otherwise there will be bacteria.

Recommend 4 kinds of flower tea

1. Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum appropriate amount, boiling water to drink. Chrysanthemum is rich in vitamin A, which is an important material to protect eye health, and also a good medicine for treating various eye diseases. Chrysanthemum tea can make people clear headed and bright eyes, especially for liver fire and dry eyes caused by excessive use of eyes. People who often feel dry eyes, especially those who often use computers, might as well drink more Chrysanthemum tea.

2. Wolfberry tea

Wolfberry proper amount, with boiling water to drink. Lycium barbarum is rich in carotene (vitamin A), vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium, iron, etc.

3. Medlar chrysanthemum tea

Medlar, chrysanthemum appropriate amount, boiling water to drink. In addition to eye care, it is also suitable for dry eye patients with blood deficiency and liver heat.

4. Chamomile and hawthorn tea

Cassia seed (slightly mashed) 10g, chrysanthemum 5g, hawthorn 15g, or above, according to the same proportion, with boiling water brewing, cover simmer about 30 minutes. It is used for patients with dry eyes who have accumulated heat in the liver and stomach and have a bad diet. "

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